young min moon

symposia / conferences

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体 Modern Images of the Body from East Asia, Smith College Museum of Art, Northampton, MA.

“In the Shadow of the Cold War: the Hierarchy of Bodies on the Korean Peninsula”


College Art Association, New York.

Co-chaired panel with Sooran Choi: Dismantling the Center/Periphery Model in Global Art History: Art and

Politics from the 1960’s to the 1980’s


Beyond Korean Studies: From Areal to the Transnational, a joint International Symposium,

Georgia State University & Hanyang University, Seoul


College Art Association, Chicago.

“Failure, trauma, and silence in contemporary art in South Korea”


College Art Association, Los Angeles.

“Debates on the “Political”: A Case Study in South Korea”


Connected and Consequential: Generating New Art Ecologies, A Network of Artists /

Creative Thinkers, A Series of Conversations, Smith College and Dynamite Space Northampton, Nov. 2011.

“Mixrice Collective”


Symposium in conjunction with the exhibition “Image Clash: Contemporary Video Art

from South Korea” at University of Colorado Boulder Museum of Art

“From Minjung to Sublime: The work of Chan-kyong Park”


Trans Asia Photography Review Symposium, Hampshire College, Amherst.

“The Specters of Militarized Modernity: Photography from South Korea”


Association of Art Historians, co-chaired session and presented:

“Latitudinal Attitudes: Critical Curatorial Practices in Contemporary South Korean Art,”

University of Warwick, UK


College Art Association, Chicago.

“Between Fiction and Facticity: Photographing Historical Reenactment in South Korea”


The 7th Gwangju International Biennial, Gwangju, South Korea

Symposium <8008: “Reality” & “Utterance” in Contemporary Korean Art>

“Cultural politics of curating contemporary Korean art for audience abroad,” Arko Museum, Seoul


Comparative Research on Contemporary Art Education between China and Western countries, Shandong University,

Tai’an, China

“College Art Education in the United States: Focus on Paradigm Shifts Since 1965 to Present”


Rethinking Marxism, UMass Amherst, MA

“Economy, Labor, and Cultural Memory: the work of Seung Wook Koh”


New York Conference for Asian Studies, SUNY New Paltz, NY

“Against Monument: Reconstructing Memory in Recent South Korean Art”


College Art Association, Atlanta, GA

"Conceptual and Political Art for the People: Beyond North-South Divide"


South Eastern College Art Conference, Raleigh, NC

"Specific, generic, and back again: Other means for painting"